02 April 2019

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Semi Permanent Make Up Treatments – What you need to know

Eyebrow Tattooing, as it’s sometimes referred to can offer natural enhancement whether you have full brows, little or no brows. At ‘Rejuvenate Skincare’ we only use a Finishing Touches machine with safety needles, so it’s safe for your skin. If you are considering this type of treatment, there are some points you need to consider.


Firstly, and most importantly search for a highly qualified technician, this treatment although is considered a cosmetic treatment, is still high risk and you don’t want to just base your decision on their Facebook page. ask questions, check training and insurance.


Semi-permanent makeup is not the same as body art tattoos as its more superficial to your skin, over time the colour will fade depending on your skin and lifestyle, so you are recommended to have a yearly colour refresh top up treatment to keep them looking beautiful.


So how is the treatment done? 


The average client needs two sessions to achieve their desired brows, first you have the initial treatment where you agree on the shape, colour & type of brow and then you will return in 4 weeks for the second appointment, following your initial treatment, your skin goes through a rejuvenation & healing stage and depending on your skin type you may lose some of the colour or hair strokes, so the second treatment will stabilise the colour within your skin.


Some skin types retain ink better than others


Very oily skin types are the most difficult skin type to work with, they are prone to pigment hydration, which is where the pigment colour merges, the hair strokes blend and it ends up looking like a powder-filled brow more than it looks like distinct strokes.


Treatment Times


Each treatment can take around 1.5 hours and for initial treatments it could take longer as the drawing on of the brow takes a huge amount of time. During your initial consultation, make sure you declare any medical condition/medications as these can affect the outcome of your treatment.

The consultation is your opportunity to discuss how you would like your brow to look, make sure you discuss what you are expecting from the treatment, for example your final look.

Following the treatment time, you should be given your aftercare instructions which should include a A & D healing gel, which is normally used for 7 days and if you don’t understand any element of the Aftercare you should ask your technician to clarify as caring for your brows is as equally important as the treatment itself.


Your eyebrows will not look identical.


Eyebrows are sisters, not twins, this is very important for people to understand so that they have realistic expectations of the treatment.  Nobody is completely symmetrical, it’s impossible and there are many considering points when creating brows. I personally will NOT remove a perfectly good healthy brow to create a different one that someone has seen on google.


Does it hurt?


A good technician will ensure you are pre-numbed before they start to work and at Rejuvenate Skincare we always use numbing creams to ensure the client is comfortable during the whole procedure. All you should feel is some skin pressure during the treatment, it should never be really painful.


Post-Treatment – What to Expect?


So, your beautiful brows are finished, so, what should you expect over the coming days and weeks? Firstly, by the following morning, the colour will appear more vibrant and this will probably last for a few days so don’t panic. Just continue to follow the Aftercare instructions exactly and if you are panicking a good technician will always put your mind at rest.

By about day 5 you may experience some scabbing, again don’t panic and yes this is normal, some clients can lose about 50% of their colour during the first 4 weeks, this is again why we always do a top up treatment.

And finally, I would always recommend you use a SPF on your brows, as the sun will fade them quicker. Also, as my clients already know, its SPF50 every day to protect your skin from the harmful UVA & UVB rays.


My last word…….. if you went to a technician and they messed up your brows, don’t panic, sometimes we can offer colour & shape correction it all depends on the brow they have put on, if this fails you can have specialist removal by laser, sorry, this is the cleanest and safest way to remove the pigment colour from your skin with no damage.  You can read my blog on semi-permanent makeup removal separately on


For appointments/consultations please telephone: 07423 191636




Semi Permanent Make Up Treatments - What you need to know

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Our Google Reviews…

Amazing experience! First time having permanent makeup done (eyeliner + eyebrow). I was very nervous but Katrina puts me at ease! She is very professional and full of skin care and makeup knowledge. I can already see a huge difference after my first session. After my second top up session a month later, I am more than happy to go out of home without any makeup on. I now wake up everyday with perfect eyebrows and super natural liners, love it! Thank you so much Katrina!

thumb Yuan Deng
August 14, 2018

Katrina Jones is not only professional but totally skilled at what she does. I have been to her for various semi-permanent make-up and a mandellic facial, all of which I was so happy with the outcome that I wouldn’t hesitate in having done again. I would highly recommend her.

thumb Nicky Brody
October 28, 2018

Katrina was great - fitted me in very last minute and whilst completing the treatment (Dermaplaning) - told me what she was doing and also gave me advice on my skin type / how to look after it etc too - Very friendly and recommended products that don't break the bank too. Definitely recommend.

thumb Susan H
June 4, 2019

This lovely lady Katrina is nothing short of a genius. I contacted Katrina 7 months ago about my eyebrows, which putting it mildly were a disaster. Naturally very blonde and fair I had the unfortunate mishap of having my eyebrows tattooed elsewhere and they were super thick as black as night. I hated them and wanted them gone. I called and spoke to Katrina and from the get go she put my mind as ease. The ultimate professional, I chose to travel a few hours each way to see her for the next 7 months as I had every confidence this lady was and is trained to the highest standards, uses the best equipment, her salon is so clean you could eat your dinner off the floor there and she is so professional and warm I felt really at ease and totally reasonable in terms of prices. Voila...7 months later and practically pain free I have rid of those awful brows and now have my confidence back. I would recommend this lady to anyone. She’s incredible! So much so I will be going back for other treatments there. Thank you so much Katrina. Katie x

thumb Katie Hawker
May 4, 2019

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